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Types of betting on horses

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types of betting on horses

There are two primary types of horseracing bets. You can break racehorse betting down into two main groups, straight bets, and exotic bets. Straight betting. Betting Types · Single · Double · Treble · Accumulator · Trixie · Patent · Yankee · Lucky Where gambling is allowed, most tracks offer parimutuel betting where gamblers' money is pooled and shared proportionally among the winners once a deduction has. BETTING SITES UKASH VOUCHER

There are only three types: win, place, and show. Win Bets A win bet means exactly what you think. Simply put, you must select the horse that crosses the finish line first in order to cash a ticket. Place Bets Place bets require your horse to finish either first or second.

Show Bets A show bet is when your horse finishes in first, second, or third. Exotic Bets There are two types of exotic bets, horizontal wagers, and vertical wagers. Horizontal Exotic Bets Horizontal wagers are essentially parlay bets.

To win, you must select the winner of consecutive races before the first of the series of races begins. A Daily Double is the winner of two races in a row, a Pick 3 is three straight races, a Pick 4 means you must select the winner of four consecutive races, a Pick 5 is hitting five winners in a row, and the Pick 6 is six straight winners.

Combinations in Horizontal Bets It is very common for bettors to make more than one wager on an individual type of bet. For example, in a Daily Double picking the winner of two consecutive races , you might love number one in the first race, but in the second race think number one, two, and three are really similar. Instead of guessing which of the three might win, you can play three combinations, , , You are making three bets so it costs more, but if one wins the first race and any of your three choices win the second race, you cash a ticket.

What Is a Pick 3? A Pick 3 is similar to a three-race parlay. From singles to accumulators, we have a list of all betting types available for you to wager on, are you ready? The types of horse racing bets are: Single The most common horse racing betting type is the single bet. The single bet can be placed on the horse to win the race or an each-way — where you can receive returns for grabbing a place normally 1st 2nd and 3rd. However, the number of places paid in an each-way bet is determined by the size of the field, find out more about each-way bets.

For more details on singles or straight bets as they are sometimes called and a winning bet calculator check out our full guide here on single bets. Double A double bet is on two selections running in different races or events. Both selections must win or place if each-way to guarantee a return.

If one loses the bet is off. For more details on this bet type, check out our guide here on double bets. Treble A treble bet is on three selections running in different races or events. It is similar to a double but all 3 selections must win or place if each way to guarantee a return. For more in-depth info and details on trebles, check out our guide to treble bets.

Trixie A Trixie bet comprises of three selections running in different horse races. The Trixie bet is comprised of four bets in total, these being: 3 x doubles 1 x treble To payout, a minimum of two selections must win or place in with each way bet, to get a return. If you are interested in this bet type, then find out more details on our Trixie bets page. Patent Bet A Patent bet is a one with 3 different selections and 7 total bets.

It is the equivalent of a Trixie but with the addition of three singles.

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Types of betting on horses make my world better place

Horse Racing 101 - Betting On Horses - Expert Tips \u0026 Advice For Beginners

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