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Sports betting software scam

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sports betting software scam

Again, the sportsbook scam is simply a multi-million dollar money-grabbing trick. You sign up, pay to join, place your bets, then get nothing back. Action. Over online casino games; Excellent sports betting markets; Great betting odds; Downloadable software; Generous bonuses and promos; Easy. Most often, these types of false software programs are aimed at people that bet on horse racing and other professional sports. As part of the scam. 10 YEARS AFTER 9 11 IS AMERICA A BETTER PLACE POEM

Often the information used in these programs can be obtained from the betting pages of your local newspaper at very little cost. Betting syndicates The scammer will try and convince you to become a member of a betting syndicate.

You will be required to make ongoing deposits to maintain the balance of the account. The scammer tells you that they will use funds in the account to place bets on behalf of the syndicate. You, and other 'syndicate members' are promised a percentage of the profits. These schemes are usually promoted as business opportunities or investments at trade fairs, shows or via the internet. People may also be contacted via an unsolicited phone call, email or letter. The scammer will use technical or financial terms such as 'sports arbitrage',' sports betting', 'sports wagering', 'sports tipping' or 'sports trading' to make these scams look like legitimate investments.

Promotional material often takes the form of glossy and sophisticated brochures or websites that contain graphs or diagrams promising large returns for little or no effort. Including the scammers! This article will introduce some of the most common tactics and some of the red flags you need to watch out for.

Scam Websites The internet is flooded with bogus sports betting websites. Scammers make up various excuses to stop you from withdrawing your money. It might not only be money that you lose either. The sensitive information you enter on the fake site could be used to steal your identity! Here is an example of a sports betting scam website: 2. Scamdicappers You may have considered paying for sports handicapping services to help optimize your sports betting strategies and increase your winnings.

Betting Syndicates Similar to scamdicappers, scammers also use social media to lure you into joining their professional betting syndicate. They claim to be a betting group that helps you better select picks and place bets, and that you can share winnings with other syndicate members.

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The Value Betting tool generally provides better ROI in the long-term but can prove to be more risky. Through its AI and cloud computing power, the software has scanned and analysed thousands of betting events to accurately when such profit opportunities arise and inform users so they can profit by betting on them.

The amount of profits is directly proportional to the starting betting bank since the size of every bet is a depending on it. Hence, users can choose to start however small or large scale they wish. In addition, the software does not have any geographical restrictions, allowing users from any country to be able to profit from. For arbitrage betting, the recommended starting amount would be 2, to maintain the balances in the various bookmakers that you will be betting with.

One thing users want to be aware of is that they should have access to at least 6 bookmakers when they are starting out due to the nature of how Rebel Betting Software works. This is to cover the user to be able to bet on the next couple of bets even while some of their funds are being locked up waiting for their existing bets to be graded.

When promised a risk-free profit, some people, fascinated by the idea, fall into a trap and end up getting nothing. If you cannot withdraw your money until the amount reaches a certain point, or you get a wide range of explanations why something is not working properly, you should be alarmed. Other Examples of Sports Investment Scams Other than the computer prediction software mentioned earlier, there are some other tricks scammers are likely to use, one of them being betting syndicates.

Scammers will try to convince you to join such a group. Of course, they will request you to pay a pretty large fee, allegedly for placing bets. On top of that, you will be required to make deposits in order to maintain the account. Another common way they can use to try and trick you is sports investment. Scammers will usually aim at people with funds that could be invested, such as business operators.

Summary When looking for a bookmaker, there are some warning signs you should be aware of. That is advised especially because these phrases are usually accompanied by high demands regarding the amount of money you need to invest. There is a high probability that you will never see your money again.

Another red flag could be the effort put into promotion. If you notice that promotional material looks extraordinary and offers extraordinary things and that you are pressured by frequent calls, it is probably a good idea to take a step back. After all, ask yourself why should someone who can allegedly predict the results of a game offer the opportunity of winning to you instead of taking it themselves.

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