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Cryptocurrency listing agreement

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cryptocurrency listing agreement

Binance aims to provide more access to crypto and make the best efforts to list high-quality tokens. Learn more on how Binance listing of. e) unreliable Digital asset issuer who ignores listing good practice and act without good faith;; f) violation of the User Agreement or the. The most important criteria for listing a cryptocurrency on By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. HTTP AWESOME BITCOIN MINER WIN

Quantity and quality of traded coins There are some very low quality exchanges that have listed hundreds of unknown and useless coins with no volumes, movements, or liquidity for them. If there are too many such coins and the exchange does not delist them, this speaks for itself.

Community and the quality of working with it Go to the exchange's official chat rooms and their social networks. See how active their community is, what questions they ask, and how they are answered by the exchange's community managers, as well as anything the exchange does to keep their community engaged. It is also a good sign if there are local chats divided into countries and regions with high activity in addition to a main global chat group.

Geography of the exchange Many exchanges clearly position their geography, indicating the main regions where most of their participants are from. But often if an exchange is quite notorious as was the case with IDAX , you can find the stories of many projects and avoid repeating their fate. Listing cost This factor is typically crucial. Each exchange takes a fee for listing, often a considerable one. In general, the approach is catered to each individual project, and the final price may be different depending on various factors.

Still, you can get approximate prices in advance from listing agents , which will be discussed later. How to apply for listing There are two options to apply for listing: independently or through an agent. But there are several pitfalls: You can make a poor choice of which exchange to apply for listing at.

The application can be considered for a long time without status updates. This is a common problem for large exchanges. You may run into a scam. The more common pitfall, though, is to get caught by a phishing scam if you make a mistake when searching for an exchange site.

Working with a listing Agency An Agency or agent is someone who is familiar with various exchanges and has been working with them for a while. They help projects to enter into negotiations with a particular exchange as quickly and beneficially for the projects as possible, and further guide them through the process if necessary. Let's look at the main reasons why projects should work with listing agencies: Assistance in choosing an exchange Agencies are well versed in the market, constantly monitor the situation and can advise which exchange is better suited to the budget and requirements of the project, and which exchanges are to be avoided.

Assistance in getting a good price As we said earlier, agencies know what discounts exchanges can give and it is easier for them to negotiate a more attractive price for you. Less likely to run into a scam Agencies work directly with the management of the exchange, so there is no possibility of running into scams, phishing, or unscrupulous employees.

Assistance in developing a post-listing activity plan A good agency can also help with developing and implementing a plan for a project after listing to maintain its token. How to work with a listing Agency Different agencies have different conditions, but my general recommendation is that the agency should not take money from the project for consultation and negotiations with the exchange.

If an agent asks you to pay for introducing you to the exchange, feel free to close the chat with them. Next, it is important to understand how agents earn. I think this is wrong, because the agent is likely receiving a sales commission for the deal from the exchange itself. In our practice , we share this commission with the project, which gives the project an extra discount in addition to the one negotiated by the agency. However, there are agencies that try to sneak in markups at every step and still get a success fee from both the exchange and the project.

If you need help with this, just write to me and I will assist you. Life after the listing It is clear that everything does not end with getting listed on a crypto exchange. To the contrary, the listing is just the beginning. In short, I will only say that it is better to think through a marketing plan, take care of market making , and have a plan for other important activities in advance in order to give your project a good chance to succeed.

However, once you reach decent trading volume on the first exchange, you can start thinking about expanding the markets - the next listings on the next exchanges. Some projects are listed on several exchanges at once. This is why an agent and consultant are needed to evaluate the project's position and market situation and give the most effective recommendation and strategy.

We will talk about this and much more in our next articles. Conclusion Listing on the crypto exchange is one of the most important stages in the lifecycle of any crypto project. It should be verified and accurate and strengthen the project's position in the industry. However, as we have seen, there are a number of pitfalls that can make the listing ineffective and even cause the token to fail, which will be very difficult to recover from.

Please wait patiently after applying as it needs to go through rigorous due diligence. To speed up the process, please be responsive and professional during the evaluation. What do you need to do to get your project listed?

Update your project progress to the community and us regularly i. Instead, you should provide regular status updates to us through the Binance listing application form i. Please note that even though your project might not be listed now, we may reconsider your application in the future when we see improvements from your project. Who will contact you after applying? If your project passes our initial review, a member of our team will be in touch.

We will only contact you through email. Please be sure to only submit the form following the Listing Application links provided on this webpage for direct listing on Binance. Always double-check the domain name to protect yourself. If you receive a communication purporting to be from Binance, as a first step, you can verify whether a contact you are speaking with is an official representative of Binance here. You should ignore and avoid clicking on any links in that communication.

Warning alert on spoofed or phishing emails! Be aware that scammers may send emails with a spoofed or phishing email that seems legitimate but is not. See more about phishing email examples here. Binance Verify should not be the only step taken to verify the authenticity of emails purporting to be from Binance. Do research on further steps you can take to protect yourself from phishing attacks, including but not limited to setting up an anti-phishing code.

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Speeches of our representatives at conferences, information about past and upcoming events, the achievements of our company - all this you can find on the pages of our blog.

Forex grid trading Instead, you should provide regular status updates to us through the Binance listing application form i. Alameda reacted with return charges of disrupting the transaction and an cryptocurrency listing agreement attitude. The more common pitfall, though, is to get caught by a phishing scam if you make a mistake when searching for an exchange site. At first sight, Alameda Research seems just a very successful company, but its name often arises in connection with scandals of recent years. Cult publishers Konami and Ubisoft have been criticized by their click.
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Posted in cryptocurrency Institutional investors trading cryptocurrencies generally engage cryptocurrency brokerage firms to manage trade execution, clearing and settlement logistics in the digital asset marketplace, where trading infrastructure remains highly fragmented. Cryptocurrency brokers provide their own trading agreement forms — there are no industry-standard templates — and the terms of these forms heavily favor the broker.

These trading agreements are normally modeled on traditional securities trading agreements, but securities documentation is not a perfect fit because cryptocurrency assets have novel features and considerations that are not addressed under traditional securities trading frameworks. If utilizing multiple brokers to trade cryptocurrencies, investors typically encounter a variety of idiosyncratic drafting styles, operational mechanics and trading terms.

Cryptocurrency documentation is, in our view, in a state of flux, and trading agreements likely will continue to evolve to address new issues and risks specific to this new asset class. Due to the nature of the digital asset class, many features that would be standard in trading agreements for more evolved or regulated markets are often not present or applicable.

Below are questions and issues that we believe investors should be especially attuned to when vetting these agreements: Scope of Responsibilities. Counterparty Credit Risk. Under what circumstances is the investor exposed to credit risk of the broker and can this risk be mitigated?

Is the broker holding the assets in custody as a fiduciary for the investor, or are assets held in omnibus accounts with the broker, its affiliates, or with the relevant exchange s? Dispute Rights and Dispute Resolution. If all else fails, a dispute may require adjudication by an outside authority. Tokens are utilized in a parent blockchain for example, EOS is a token which is utilized in Ethereum blockchain. Creating a token is a simple process, but for that, it is necessary to follow a standard template on the blockchain such as Ethereum and Neo Platform that allows an individual to create his own token.

Tokens are usually created and distributed to the public through initial coin offerings which are a form of crowdfunding. Technology lawyers prepare legal opinion on utility tokens for blockchain technology companies to be submitted at international cryptocurrency exchanges.

Your name required Your email required Your message required Blockchain crypto tokens are a popular way to create and trade value. They function like cryptocurrencies, residing on the blockchain and transferable between accounts. The key difference between cryptocurrencies and tokens is that a token is not built into the blockchain software.

Instead, its behaviour is determined by its implementation in smart contracts. These contracts tally units of a specific type of cryptocurrency and are typically used to track transfers between accounts. This means that the prices of a particular type of cryptocurrency can fluctuate drastically. There are two types of blockchain crypto tokens: security tokens and utility tokens.

Security tokens give the holder ownership rights in a company, and are similar to digital decentralized shares of stock. In addition, security and utility tokens are regulated as securities by financial regulators, and must meet certain requirements. As such, it is important to understand how to use blockchain crypto-tokens to benefit your business.

The following are some common examples of these types of tokens. They have a sentimental value and must be handled manually. A blockchain-based cryptographic token is a decentralized autonomous organization. It is a system that binds people together without legal entities, formal contracts, or even money. It can be possible that issuing and selling of the token come under legal regulations, but it depends on the features of the token.

The best example is a security token that falls under securities law, but a utility token does not come under legal regulation. Security token offers an individual the promise of profits or return on investment which is quite different from utility token. A utility token is a transaction type of token that has some sort of use within the ecosystem that allows access to the purchase of goods and services.

A utility token is not regulated and controlled by security law. Therefore, they are free to be traded by almost anyone. Utility token has much higher liquidity. What is the purpose of a utility token? Blockchain projects mainly focus on the launch of utility tokens as such utility tokens provide numerous benefits to the users of the project. At the same time, these utility tokens do not represent any ownership in the project.

Further, these utility tokens are mainly outside the scope of the security laws as such utility tokens do not represent sharing of dividends or profits from the projects. These details including the purpose of the utility tokens are highlighted while writing the utility token legal opinion letters.

Utility token will increase in value if demand on a good and services on that platform increases. So, the price of the utility token may reach a point where it becomes outrageously high and people say that is too expensive. People could not pay too much money for that good or services. A security token is regulated and monitored, which means that the liquidity is reduced because an individual is narrowing his audience.

There is an emergence of exchanges that allow and facilitate the trading of security tokens. A cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that means it only exists electronically. The cryptocurrencies were designed to be secure as well as in most cases completely, anonymous.

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Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement \u0026 Agency Disclosure

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