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Live betting soccer tips

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live betting soccer tips

Watch the Games and Follow the Stats. If there is one word that we can use to accurately describe in-game betting, it is fast. The bets and the numbers come at you fast and if you aren't prepared. More Strategy Tips for Live Soccer Betting · Watch the games · Use previous data · Avoid guessing · Consider hedging · Factor in motivation · Experiment. PLACERE LATIN ALPHABET

Live betting is no different and can be more beatable and profitable if you are able to accurately predict what will happen next over a shorter period within the game. Oddsmakers can only do so much to set live betting lines and cannot follow every play of every game in order to make the perfect number.

But you can before you bet. Learning Basic Live Betting Strategies One of the best and most basic live sports betting strategies is to wager on the heavy favorite that trails in a game but still has a good opportunity to win straight up. Of course this requires you to pay very close attention to the momentum of the game and determine if the team really has a chance to rally. However, it is fairly common for the better team to get behind early and still come back to win without covering the spread.

Advanced Live Betting Strategies Sometimes, you may even get the chance to middle a bet you placed beforehand or guarantee yourself a profit by hedging , which is taking the other side of your original wager at an attractive price. Soccer is a fluid game, with few stoppages, no timeouts or commercial breaks. For example, you might know a given team scores more often later in matches or that an influential player is likely to make an appearance off the bench.

That kind of information is valuable to any gambler. Identify Several Likely Outcomes Before Match When we think about the probabilities of wins, losses, draws and goals scored, we often envision them distributed on a bell curve. Yet in soccer, the reality is often different. For example, you might be betting on a team with exceptional depth on its bench, leading to a greater likelihood of late-game goals.

Or you might be betting on a game where a weaker team is likely to focus on sitting deep and defending. If the side gives up a goal, it will have to adjust its strategy and likely be open to conceding multiple more times. Not only are you evaluating odds in the moment, but also the possibility they will become more or less favorable in the near future.

I like to combat this by limiting myself to defined betting windows. You can choose any parameters you like, but here are mine: Immediately After Goals: As the old saying goes, goals change games. More specifically, they often bring about a change in tactics for one or both teams that changes the flow of a game. A successful example: In the opener of Euro , Italy dominated Turkey throughout the opening 45 minutes but without any goals to show for it. Then, Turkey conceded an own goal eight minutes into the second half.

They would have to come out of their defensive shell, and Italy had already looked plenty dangerous when Turkey was bunkering. I bet the total over 2. Italy scored its third goal by the 79th minute. Halftime: The midway point gives you the most time to evaluate your next decision.

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You should use this time to analyze if your strategy is working and determine if you need to take another route going into the second half. It is also important to strike a balance between knowing when to be flexible and not being biased. Bankroll management The fast-pace of live betting can easily carry you away into wagering more than you had planned.

Since there are cases where you might need to place multiple bets in real-time, it is always advisable to ensure that you keep track of how much action you have on the line. Luckily there are sportsbooks that have a great interface that allows you to keep track of all your bets.

Consider hedging your bets This is where the pre-match bet comes into play. Ideally, hedging your bets means counter-balancing potential losses with other bets. For example, if your pre-match bet was for a team to win, you can place another bet during the live game to counter that wager. This is a great way to stay in control of how much you are willing to risk.

And although you also end up offsetting some potential winnings in doing so, it is an effective spread betting strategy you might consider incorporating. Come up with an attack plan that relates to changing odds Conducting substantial research into the game itself and assessing the odds as well as making informed predictions is absolutely vital when it comes to in-game betting.

However, one thing that punters overlook is the need to craft a plan directly related to how live odds operate. Hence, regardless of whether you want to wager low or high on certain levels of risk, spread bet, go for high odds or low odds, you should always have a plan and stick to it. This will help you stay your ground without getting overwhelmed by the speed of live bets. As a beginner, start with traditional bets then progress to live bets If you are just starting out in sports betting, in-playing is probably not the place you want to start.

Consider starting with some basic traditional bets and get to know how the system works. There is no rush, whatsoever; live betting is here to stay. Rushing into in-game wagering may lead to a horrible experience. Guide to Successful Live Bets Predictions Live betting predictions vary from one sportsbook to the next. However, these predictions are mostly calculated based on live betting statistics as well as algorithms.

Unlike the traditional bets, with live bets, the odds will change in real-time while watching the live match, thus creating many betting opportunities. Live bet predictions offer excellent betting experience. However, it is always important to keep in mind that to make a successful bet prediction , the first step should be to estimate the likelihood of your intended bet being correct.

To do this, you only need to compare the odds being offered by your selected bookies. Vigilant in identifying opportunities The bookies change the odds as the game proceeds. If you can predict the further course of the game depending on an immediate occurrence in the game, then you will be able place your bet before the odds are reduced.

For instance, if you can easily predict the change in momentum of the game before the bookies change their algorithms, you might get better deals. The choice of Match is a crucial factor With the numerous matches and opportunities that live betting offers, it is easier to get tempted into wagering on too many events.

This is a mistake common among newbie punters. However, it is always recommendable to stick to a maximum of two matches and evaluate opportunities that offer valuable odds. Learn to balance emotions and logic When your money is on stake, you have to access a situation with calmness and logic at par.

You should never mix earning on bets with favoring a favorite team without any reasonable motive to do so. You can support your team during any other time but not when your money is on the line. However, you cannot rely only on luck for long term success.

You need to do thorough research as well as learn to keep your emotions in check. Work your way from probation to real money To be successful in sports bet predictions, you have to practice and be consistent. Start your predictions without placing the wagers and evaluate your success rate in the predictions. This will also help boost your confidence in placing the wagers for real money.

Live Betting Examples Understanding how soccer live betting strategy works is easier if you already have an idea of how traditional bet works. The main difference is the fact that with live betting, the odds will change several times after the event starts and depending on how the game proceeds. If your available market is Over 2. If you settle for Under 2. The odds now stand at Over 1. However, if you had placed an Under 2.

It involved wagering on the result of the match with three possible outcomes. These outcomes include home win, away win, and draw. This means that for a stakes, a bet in Leicester to win will award you while a bet on Norwich to win will award you A bet on a draw will yield During live game, if Leicester concedes a goal during the first quarter, they will still remain favorites but the odds will change to something like this: Norwich —Leicester City X Draw -odds of 3.

A draw will pay Comparing both cases, Leicester is still favored but if you place your live bet for them to win, you will earn more compared to if you had placed a pre-game bet. Example 3: Who Wins the rest of the match? This is another great live betting option offered at Bet9ja.

You only need to bet on who wins the rest of the match from the time you place the bet. Once your bet is placed the score becomes even though one of the teams is already winning. This is the best live betting strategy since it is not only easy to understand but it also creates better wagering opportunities. In this live club friendly game between NK Vardarac and Cepin, you have the option to predict who will win the rest of the match.

Since Cepin are already the favorite, you can expect that they have higher odds of winning the rest of the match compared to NK Vardac. In-play corner betting strategy This soccer betting strategy is effectively applicable when the favorites are losing and particularly at the knock-out stages.

It is a simple technique, but you have to remember these two facts. First, the attacking team must have high pressure and need to score. For example, they could be targeting to qualify in the next round or even win the league title. The second fact is if the attacking team is strong attacking from the wing. A good example could be a match where; Liverpool are hosting Manchester City for the third round of the Champions Cup, and by half time, the Citizens are winning Keep in mind that the Reds are the favorites.

They have been awarded 3 corners, in favor of the home side. So how do you proceed in such a case? It is obvious that both teams want to qualify, but the Reds are highly likely to be more attacking since they are the favorites and are at home. So what if Liverpool increases their pressure? This means that they will be able to win more corners than Citizens. Hence, they are more likely to win the race to corners. Another traditional betting option is the total corners.

You must be watching the progress of the game to help you determine which option to settle for. Over 1. In this case, you are to choose a game where there are expected to be many goals, and hopefully, there be an early goal; preferably within the first quarter. For example: If a goal is scored during the 17th minute, the odds for over 1. This is just the right time to place your wager. You could also use this strategy during the second half over 1.

To lower the risk, you could consider wagering at over 1. Favorite to win the first half This is the best live soccer betting strategy mostly because even though the team you wanted to win by half time concedes a goal, you still have an option to back the draw in even odds or even more. However, before placing such a wager, the best soccer betting advice is to wait for at least five matchdays.

This will give you an idea of the style of play each team is utilizing. Some of the key live soccer tips you should keep in check include who is their key player? Do they score a lot? Which period of the game are they likely to score? Do they prefer attacking from the wings? With this information, you will be able to determine the amount of money you are willing to wager as well as the right time to place your wager.

Ideally, if the home win pays at pre-game markets around 1. Live arbitrage betting strategy This strategy is no different from other soccer live betting strategies. You just need to choose a sportsbook that does not have live betting rules that limit your account. If you allow a significant difference in the odds, you can lose your profit in as soon as bets. Remember that the tool you use is free and publicly available. Along with you, thousands of sports bettors use it every day.

Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to catch the latest odds. We do not recommend placing more than one bet per match If there is no other way, place a fixed number of bets per event. This is because the algorithm can incorrectly determine handicaps for a specific match.

If it happens, all the bets will be a waste.

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