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Thematic vs thesis driven investing 101

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thematic vs thesis driven investing 101

Eric Crittenden, CIO, Standpoint Asset Management joins us to talk about how portfolios can be constructed to withstand or survive a variety of market. The Global Space Economy. Near term, space as an investment theme is also likely to impact a number of industries beyond Aerospace & Defense, such as IT. disclosure and the naming of funds with ESG (or similar) investment mandates. Thematic strategies can be mostly financially-driven or values-driven. EUROVISION BETTING ODDS LADBROKES UK

Protecting nature is seen by many as an overlooked environmental imperative, but its fast catching up in recognition status to climate risk. The rate of species loss is tens to hundreds of times higher than the average of the past 10 million years — and accelerating. Click image to zoom Tap image to zoom Pinch to zoom Over a million species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates are at risk — many within decades.

Worse still, we are losing more mammal species than any other continent. Investing in regenerative agriculture is one avenue for impact investors wanting to address climate change and protect biodiversity. This entails funding farming practices that rejuvenate the soil where crops are farmed, potentially resulting in both positive environmental and financial outcomes.

These come in the form of ecological restoration, potentially valuable carbon credits and premium priced vegetables. The produce is so sought after, farmers can lock in valuable off-take agreements for it. That is, the produce is already sold before it has even been grown. Whilst still a small and immature investment area, we expect many more such investible natural asset strategies to become available in the coming years — watch this space.

Many lives have been changed immeasurably by safe and secure housing, enabling escape from domestic violence and homelessness or provided facilities to meet physical and mental wellbeing needs. But there is a massive under-supply of social housing in Australia, which includes aged care, affordable housing and specialist disability accommodation.

These are all relatively new sectors of the property and infrastructure market in Australia — particularly specialist disability accommodation which has only been investible for a few years. Aside from investing in a meaningful cause, specialist disability accommodation can offer investors inflation-linked, government-backed revenues that help to significantly reduce credit risk.

We delved further into this sector last year in an article we published on specialist disability accommodation. More than a billion women globally lack access to credit or a standard bank account. Micro-finance lending has aided in the rise of some successful female-run businesses.

These businesses are often as basic as selling vegetables at a small market. Another strategy has been the use of social impact bonds to finance programs that reunify families in particular mothers and children. Investors fund such programs up front, with State Governments only paying for successful outcomes. This represents a saving for them compared with otherwise funding foster care. The chart above summarises the four key impact investing themes mentioned above, which we have lined up with the investment strategies that are currently the most prevalent vehicles for achieving these impacts in private markets.

Click image to zoom Tap image to zoom Pinch to zoom These themes can also be captured in listed markets eg. Whereas with private markets strategies, investors can maximise their impact because these assets are traded on the primary market. This means every dollar you invest provides additional impact.

We have a diligence process. We have an investment process. We have categories of industries where we have focus and real expertise, and we invest in companies in those areas that meet requirements for the fund. Each deal that we bring onto the fund, our investors have to prove and determine to invest in that deal. We have to constantly prove our diligence standards. We want the solution to be revolutionary and we want our capital to be able to help them solve that problem. What excites us at iSelect are companies that are solving big problems.

We want companies that are going to be the Monsantos of the future. Find ways to bring capital to the entrepreneurs who are the real heroes out there getting up every morning, beating away at these things that are problems that you and me and everyone else faces in their everyday lives. What that means is we look at hundreds and hundreds of different companies and we apply tough diligence standards to each of them, looking at whether the team has a good plan for growing the business, whether the team is qualified and credible, and more.

We do that to resolve the few who provide the best opportunities for investors. And then iSelect takes that smaller set of investments and goes to investors who are interested in venture capital and provides a way for them to invest in these companies, either individually or all at once. We co-invest alongside other venture capitalists. We source transactions through to an exit where the company would become public or get bought. And we manage that whole investment process on behalf of our investors.

Thematic vs thesis driven investing 101 which cryptocurrency is best to invest in


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Thematic investing: a 60 second overview

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