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Teasers betting football system

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teasers betting football system

Before we get into that, let's start with when not to bet teasers. When betting a teaser, you need to cross key numbers in order to actually. A full resource guide on teaser betting strategies and tips to help you win money with your teaser wagers on NFL football and other sports. All three teams would have to cover the adjusted spread for this bet to win. On a 3-team/point, a $ teaser would win $ if successful. Here are the. BOTTOM UP VERSUS TOP DOWN INVESTING

In other words, it's a teaser involving favorites of between 7. If a line is reasonably accurate then you can assume about a 50 percent chance of either team covering. If the odds were then you need to win about To win Because games end up being decided by three and seven more than 22 percent of the time, teasing through these two numbers increases the chances of covering a spread from about 50 percent to 72 percent or more It's actually better than that because you are also covering the numbers four, five and six, and games can also finish with those margins as well.

Over the long term, then, Wong teasers are one of the few places in betting where there is a positive expectation. In other words, Wong teasers are very good for your bankroll. Before you get too excited, though, there are a few issues that have made it much harder to ride the gravy train. First, books have increased the price of teasers - especially two team teasers - in defense of these situations.

Now is the most common price in Las Vegas, and isn't unheard of. The extra cost of making the bets makes it much more difficult to earn a long-term profit, and even if you can - which is still possible in theory at - the return on investment is low enough to make it unattractive in most cases. Additionally, some books won't even accept two-game teasers from time to time if they feel the bet isn't in their interest. Beyond just the prices, books have responded to this situation by making it harder to find suitable situations.

Spreads of 7. They can still be found, but it requires an attentive bettor who is willing to jump on a line as soon as it appears because it isn't likely to stay for long. Another way that online books have sought to counter Wong teasers is by changing the tie rules with two-game teasers. Traditionally, a teaser in which one team lost and one team pushed would be an overall push and the bettor would get their money refunded. Some online sportsbooks have quietly changed that rule so that now a loss and a push results in an overall loss.

That difference alone, though it doesn't seem that significant, can be the difference between long-term profitability and long-term losses with Wong teasers. Most Recent Sports Betting You pick a certain number of points and a certain number of teams, and each spread is moved in your favor by the selected point amount.

The most crucial distinction is the handling of pushes: Some books count pushes as losses. Some count pushes as pushes. Some offer you different odds for either. In the 6, games since , a whopping 13 games 0. So what should we be targeting? Try to cross two key numbers, and aim to go across three and seven in particular because they are the two most important key numbers in football.

Grabbing other key numbers like 10 and 14 are okay but not the best for maximizing probability. So what does that look like? Using the example spreads from before: Team A Quite simply, it is wise to avoid teasing NFL totals because any point stretch of totals will never come close in cumulative frequency to an equal point stretch in spreads that includes three and seven. By playing a total in this example, you are reducing your cumulative frequency by 2. The one thing totals can help us with when it comes to teasers is helping us get the most out of the type of spreads we pick.

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How Teasers Work and When to Use Them in the NFL teasers betting football system


Some sportsbooks have odds that can provide a huge boost in teaser betting. Effective for games that are hard to predict. Drawbacks of Teaser Bets Parlays have higher payouts than teaser bets. Adding seven points may offer a negative return on your bets. They are most effective for teams that you are sure can secure a win.

Loading Offer wall Conclusion The fact that teasers involve tying multiple betting selections together, there is a higher risk of losing. This is because the more the number of games you add in your bet slip, the more the chances that one game will have results that are outside the standard lines. In this regard, having a teaser bet with fewer games such as two, three, or four can increase your chances of minting. You will also take advantage of the movements of the points as you will push through key numbers to boost your probability of winning the bet.

This is a type of gambling option that allows bettors to combine on two different games. It operates like a parlay as you roll multiple options to merge into a single wager. When one selection loses, the whole bet slip goes down.

Are teaser bets worth it? Teaser bets can mostly increase your chances of losing a bet. However, the fact that there are extra points, you can increase your winning probability by moving the lines in your favor. In addition, incorporating fewer selections can ensure that you have a higher winning margin. What does a teaser pay? Different sportsbooks have varying numbers. What is a 6-point teaser bet? It is the most common teaser betting option, which allows you to move the lines six points in your favor.

You should also note that the teams must cover the new spreads for the win to be valid. What is a super teaser bet? Photo: Shutterstock. Many Vegas sportsbook rules require a minimum of three games in action per teaser. NFL super teaser cards An NFL super teaser card is a variation of the teaser bet that allows bettors to move the spread or total by a large number of points, most often 7. These bets often require at least three bets per teaser and the payouts are adjusted to reflect the number of points allotted for line movement.

Due to the scoring system of football, there are key numbers when it comes to point spreads, these being 3, 6, 7, and This is due to the majority of NFL games being decided by these margins. Using teasers to move off and through these key numbers increases the probability of your teaser bets covering the spread.

There are varying opinions when it comes to teasing spreads through zero. Since NFL games rarely end in a tie, zero is looked at as a dead number and a waste of a point when moving the spread with a teaser bet. However, there is proven success from taking a short favorite and moving them to a short underdog, which requires a move through zero.

While teasers are available for college football, the volatility of the NCAA game and the larger point spreads can make it tougher to capitalize on the value of teasers. Those are 37, 41, 44, 47, and The most effective teaser movements around those totals are dropping the points on lower numbers and taking the Over. Reverse teasers pleasers Reverse teasers — also known as pleasers — allow you to add or subtract a designated number of points and then bet with that move, such as dropping a total from 46 to 40 points and betting the Under rather than gaining an advantage with the Over.

For example, a two-team 6-point reverse teaser would move the Baltimore Ravens from Are teaser bets worth it?

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Sports Betting 101: How to Bet NFL Football Teasers (Football Teasers - NFL Teasers)

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