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Reit investing blogs singapore

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reit investing blogs singapore

Here are some of the best finance blogs and websites in Singapore that As its name suggests, S-REITs Investment Blog focuses on one key. Singapore REIT Monthly Update (October 2nd ) Technical Analysis of FTSE ST REIT Index (FSTAS) FTSE ST Real Estate Investment. REIT is short for 'real estate investment trust'. In Singapore, REITs are a type of professionally managed collective investment scheme which acquires, owns and. TOP ONLINE INVESTING COMPANIES

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Reit investing blogs singapore forex trader pro practice account


Join our weekly newsletter now! Leave this field empty if you're human: Has the Macro bottomed? Or will it get worse? And on the macro… man… where to begin. Every week on Financial Horse I write that the macro is a disaster, and a Fed Pivot is still a story. And every week I get questions on whether the macro has bottomed, and whether it is time to buy. To sum it up: Leading inflation indicators are starting to roll over, but US labour market is still very tight — driving wage growth and services inflation This means the chance of a Fed pivot in are still very low Any Fed pivot is probably more of a story, and the exact timing will depend on a when markets break, or b when inflation starts to roll over If you want to frontrun the Feds, be my guest.

Assuming a peak US 10 year of 4. But this is where I caution against linear thinking. And look at the chart of KORE below. What I will say though, is that I think by and large S-REITs as an asset class have not sufficiently priced in the rise in risk free rate, and the potential second order effects to come. You already see the signs of stress building up in the system, with things like the UK Gilts market.

I just spent the past week painstakingly updating price targets for every single REIT on my watchlist to reflect the higher risk free rates. And I also added a whole bunch of new REITs to the watchlist due to rapidly declining prices opening up interesting new opportunities.

Question 3 — How do I know when to buy, sell or hold? When you buy any financial asset, you need to decide if you are an investor, or a trader. A Trader buys to sell at a higher price. An investor buys to own. Bad things happen when you confuse the two, and traders becomes investors.

Hope is not a strategy. Risk management is the key to becoming a good trader. Investor — Think like an owner If you are an investor, then you need to think like an owner. Think as if you bought a condo. Imagine you spent 12 months visiting every condo in the neighbourhood, walking around the area.

You buy the condo because you believe in the rejuvenation plan that will play out over the next 10 years. Do you sell? If you are an investor, you should be thinking like an owner of the real estate. If there is a good reason to sell — for eg. Or maybe interest expenses have gone up due to rising rates, and your initial return calculations are now wrong.

Think value. Or do you think the macro condition will further detoriate longer? As shared above, I think a Fed pivot is unlikely in , its more of a story. And right now, I dont see value in the S-REITs as an asset class just yet, because of the higher risk free rate and potential second order effects. Just watch the macro play out, and buy when things get really bad and the macro starts to bottom. I use it for my own trades in fact.

Get a free stock and commission free trading with MooMoo. Get a free stock and commission free trading with Tiger Brokers. Table of Contents Singapore is one of the few countries where investing is as common as buying groceries. And considering the diversification and high yield of REITs, we are not in the least surprised!

REITs allow ordinary citizens to invest in properties without owning any building or apartment. The beauty of this asset is that you get to boost your active and passive income without spending millions on purchasing a property. Older generations tend to look more into bonds and their contributions. But as the population grows, young people dip their fingers into the investment waters as well.

And mostly they go for investing in stocks and property. It is an investment trust that primarily focuses on income-producing real estate in the industry sector. It currently has 86 facilities in Singapore and 57 in North America. These include business parks, data centers, hi-tech buildings, factories, and other buildings. The reason why it is so popular hides behind its transformation skills. Namely, CICT is known for bringing a modern vibe to older facilities.

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How to invest in Singapore REITs in 8 mins - Essentials of REITs Investing


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Singapore REITs are crashing!

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