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Buying a house vs renting and investing india

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buying a house vs renting and investing india

It is a long term investment though may not be as long as real estate investment. All you need so as to invest in stocks is to find a reliable stock broker. Prima facie, the fall of the Rupee feels like motivation enough for NRI investors. Real estate purchase has always been a popular avenue for. # Renting generally gives a feeling of lower liability. In metro cities you can rent a house worth Rs 50 lakh for only Rs 10,, a month. BEST BITCOIN POKER ROOM

Exposed to market volatility, but usually generates higher returns over long term than real estate. However, misleading market trends often make investors take impulsive buying and selling decisions. You can exit your stock investments anytime during market hours.

You can also liquidate your equity investments partially to meet your needs. You can diversify your investments with a nominal amount and also invest in equities and stocks of various companies. It is a long term investment though maybe not as long as real estate investment. Ease of investment Time consuming as it requires thorough research for making the right choice, followed by legal paperwork to complete the process.

Market conditions Exposed to market risks, but holding it till the market prices rise generates high returns. Exposed to market volatility, but usually generates higher returns over the long term than real estate. Liquidity You have to wait for the right market conditions, find the best buyer and sell the property to liquidate your investment. Portfolio diversification No option for diversification. Returns from real estate are primarily decided on the basis of its location.

Market prices often fluctuate, making it challenging to estimate the returns. Real estate investments for the purpose of living in it cannot be considered as an investment because it would not generate monetary returns. Real estate investment is more expensive than stocks, since it requires a substantial lump sum payment as an initial investment. Recommendable for investors who want to invest a substantial capital. In building complexes, there will be recurring monthly maintenance—more the amenities, higher the charges.

If you opt to build your house, there are costs for the upkeep. Now assess this against a rental property. Mumbai has a rental yield of 2. In Mumbai, the owner usually takes care of maintenance and structural repair costs. The lump sum you saved by not buying a house can be invested in equity mutual funds.

No taxes to pay, no interest repayment, no monthly maintenance. You get the drift. Taking a loan? Plus, the costs and property taxes. These figures are difficult to ignore. Also, land prices have skyrocketed over the years, resulting in disproportionately higher cost per square feet in certain locations. Yes if you are an outright buyer no loan , you are looking at gains from capital value. But if you are living in that house, you may never sell it.

Plus, real estate is not a liquid asset.

Buying a house vs renting and investing india btc freelancer buying a house vs renting and investing india

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Buy or Rent a House in 2021- Rent vs Buy Home- Renting vs Buying Pros \u0026 Cons

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