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Law ethereal head

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law ethereal head

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Head law ethereal head

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However, the number of victims of this kind of gunfire was not as big as it is today. As the Ansar Allah group Houthis and their supporters excessively use this custom during the funeral ceremonies for their dead who fell on the battlefronts. Ibb governorate recorded, within a few weeks, more than eight cases of injury and killing with this uncontrolled weapon, most of which are children. Every day, Muhammad Yahya Abdo Hasan Al-Shuaibi goes out in the morning to graze his herd of sheep in the valley below his village Al-Masaliqah , and returns home at noon.

Al-Masaliqah is one of the villages of Shaban sub-distrect of As Sayyani District, which is approximately 15 kilometers from the center of Ibb governorate. Like most of the villages of Ibb, this village is famous for agriculture, where there is a large valley, called Wadi Al-Masaliqah, in which various range of crops are cultivated, such as grains, vegetables, and Qat.

On Friday morning, July 10, , which was a wonderful rural morning, Muhammad led his herd of sheep, like every day, to the valley. He said that after the Friday prayer had finished, he went to the valley to call on his brother Muhammad for lunch and bring the sheep back home.

In the middle of the road he saw his brother being carried on the shoulder of one of the village men. Yet, the Health Center refused to receive him. In each time, they travel more than 51 km. However, this did not prevent any casualties of falling-bullets discharged from the neighboring villages that still hold the custom of celebratory gunfire at weddings.

A month before Muhammad was injured, the village recorded the injury of a 9-year-old boy, named Dhaif Allah Al-Ezzi, with a falling-bullet entered a side of his body from the back and out from the stomach. Fortunately, none of his vital body systems was damaged. Although it may be a moment or step that separate a victim from their tragedy, the calamity afflicting them cannot be attributed to their moment of jinx or bad luck. There are those who caused it out of premeditation. This step did not reduce his financial troubles.

On the contrary, it exacerbated them due to the deterioration of the Yemeni Riyal rate and consequent rise in prices, especially real estate rental costs. In the time between her leaving and returning home, there was a story of drudgery, toil, and patience, which is written every day by the little girl, Zainab, with the same boldness and persistence that neither windy nor sunny skies weaken them to help her family lead a decent life.

It was Monday, July 27, , when Zainab left home on the same time of everyday, with the plate of Lahouh positioned firmly on her head, as if it was a part of her body. When she arrived her spot, Zainab, or the Lahouh vendor as her clients call her, sat down on the sidewalk next to the gate of Al-Thawra General Hospital in Al-Dhehhar District in Ibb city to sell out the Lahouh made by her mother. Zainab was not aware that her life would change after a few hours of sitting on the sidewalk, and that she would turn from a helper for her family into a burden that not only burdens their shoulders, but also bleeds their hearts.

At p. A bullet from unidentified source entered the left side of her head and settled at the bottom of her brain. That bullet disabled her movement and subsequently brought her into the ICU at the hospital that she used to stand in front of one of its gates to sell Lahouh. The faces of families of the falling-bullets victims are always identical, as they show the pure grief and infinite pain manifested in their bale gazes.

It is like a person who feels pain and is unable to diagnose it, and if diagnosed, they cannot know the thing causing it. We were all waiting for Zainab to return to have lunch together as every day when my mobile phone rang. I hung up the phone and headed to the hospital quickly. He found her in a pharmacy that he no longer remembers its name… She was unconscious. It never occurred to me that she was hit by a falling-bullet.

There was no sign of her being alive except her weak breaths and her eyes that are looking at me tiredly without saying anything or responding to my begging for her to blink them if she was hearing me. The next morning, when she did not show any response to her parents, their fears increased and intensified. No one in or nearby that place heard a gunfire. But, the bullet was there, in the head of my little girl. The little girl, Zainab, was referred to Al-Hamd Hospital.

There, her father was asked to pay YER , for the surgery only, excluding the costs of medicines, tests and hospitalization. I work in selling vegetables. What is the law of attraction and what does it mean? These are the topics discussed on this blog. Law is a concept that relates to the laws of nature or the laws of physics. For example, the law of gravity suggests that if a person falls to the ground and the ground is at rest, then every object in the universe will be in equilibrium because there will be no net force.

Law is one of the three main laws in our universe. You can see our universe in Figure The law of gravitation states that for every object in the universe or gravity, if you prefer , there is an equal and opposite force this is also called the equal and opposite area theorem. So if you see a hand in your hand, you feel an equal and opposite force between your hand and the hand in your hand, and you will fall to the ground.

The law of gravity is like the law of gravity in that gravity is the other force. The law of gravity is like gravity in that gravity is the other force. The law of gravitation is like gravity in that gravity is the other force. So basically, we can assume that when we see a hand in our hand, we feel the force between our hand and an equal and opposite force between our hand and the hand in our hand.

Then we just fall to the ground.

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