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What is a light 3 betting

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what is a light 3 betting

3-betting light is where you make a 3-bet with a less than premium hand before the flop. Seems crazy and dangerous I know, but I'm sure you thought the same. When you 3-bet after a weak player raises preflop, you force players behind to fold that may have played for a single raise. Additionally, it forces the weak. Fold speculative hands against 3-bets when you or your opponents have a short stack. · Don't flat many 3-bets when you are out of position. · Evaluate your. 15 VS 30 YEAR MORTGAGE BOGLEHEADS INVESTING

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What is a light 3 betting new haven sports betting

3BET - Aprenda a dar 3-bet no poker como um PRO.

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What is a light 3 betting forex no deposit required 2022

3betting and 4betting light

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