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Slugging percentage investing in bonds

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slugging percentage investing in bonds

The safe investment that will soon yield almost 10% · Stock market history as a Rorschach Test · The importance of slugging percentage in. Slugging percentage is calculated by taking the total bases of a hitter divided by the number of at bats. In the investment business, a stock. Slugging Percentage (SLG) – This measures the number of total bases (Singles + DoublesX2 + TriplesX3 + Home RunsX4)/At Bats) a player hits for. 15 000 GH S BITCOIN

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Slugging percentage investing in bonds asian handicap betting site slugging percentage investing in bonds


The key to venture capital investment success is slugging percentage. There are, of course, some differences between venture capital investing and baseball to keep in mind. In venture capital investing, there are no called strikes, no penalty for not swinging at a pitch, even if that pitch is in the strike zone. In fact, swinging even at really attractive pitches often results in just foul balls.

But seasoned venture capital investors know that good pitches will keep coming along. Raw, inexperienced baseball prospects may see every pitch as a menacing fast ball that could bean them. By the time they make it to the major leagues, if they are fortunate enough to reach that level, they need to have overcome FBB Fear of Being Beaned. The same reactive instincts are applicable in the education and maturation of the venture capital investor.

A top quartile venture capitalist must hit at least a couple of home runs out of every ten to twelve investments. The VC who hits two out of ten investments as home runs is a superstar with an outstanding slugging percentage, like my idol Stan Musial, even though unlike Musial, his overall batting average may be no better than. While broad markets may have both good times and bad times, in venture capital investing, your sweet pitches may come at any time.

The key to successful venture capital investing is to wait for your pitches — the ones coming across the middle of the plate in your power zone — and to keep swinging for the fences on those pitches. Batter up! If you have a high slugging percentage, that means you produce a high number of power hits. That is why the statistic representing power is termed slugging percentage. The Purpose of Slugging Percentage The purpose of slugging percentage is to determine how much power a hitter produces.

If the hitter has a high slugging percentage, then that means they produce a high percentage of extra-base hits. How is the Slugging Percentage Calculated? Slugging percentage is formulated differently than batting average. Slugging percentage is not necessarily a true percentage.

This formula is used because each hit is assigned a different score in slugging percentage. A single is not weighted. A double is weighted by a multiple of 2. A triple is weighted with a multiple of 3. A home run is weighted by a multiple of 4. In , Babe Ruth had hits.

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