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Back and lay meaning in betting what is over/under

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back and lay meaning in betting what is over/under

This means that if you back Man City with a £10 stake, your return will be £ (£ profit) if they go on to win the title. A lay bet is. Lay betting is a different type of betting experience that the Betfair exchange offers. In contrast to backing an outcome, when you 'lay' a bet it means you're. A betting exchange is a marketplace where players can back or lay the outcome. Basically, you can bet that a certain outcome will happen (back). BTC SPEEDY

Back-to-lay betting: the basics Two-runner markets usual occur in in head-to-head sports where a result cannot be tied — like tennis, darts in knockout tournaments or snooker. Altior and Cyrname are racing over 2m 2f on soft ground. The horses are closely matched, one with a speed advantage and the other with a stamina advantage, so tactics and pace will be decisive. The market has Altior at 1. In-play betting now sees Cyrname trade at 1. Essentially, this means two more options have now opened up for you.

This means you now have an opportunity to come away with a profit regardless of the result — and where the technique of back-to-lay can come in. Firstly, you could lay off your potential losses by backing Cyrname not to win. In this instance, because there are only two horses, this would most likely require Altior to win although it also includes the possibility that neither horse completes the race and there is no winner.

However, you also have the option not just to lay off your potential losses on Cyrname, but instead to choose to try to win money on Altior. In other words, not only can you lock in a profit if the odds move in your favour, you can also change your mind and go for a still-bigger win. We can illustrate when you might want to do this with our example. You could lay the horse pre-race — ensuring a comparatively long lay price — and if the prediction is correct and it settles at the rear, then back it in-running at what would likely be a longer price than its BSP was, to lock in profit either way.

So, although which one you choose depends on what you think will happen during a race, and how the market will react, you need to be confident in your selections. The principle is the same; how much you want to wager on either outcome is up to you. You can either play shrewd and hedge your bets completely for small profits all-round, or if you have a strong opinion on which outcome will prevail, alter your book so that you stand to win more if you get it right.

Using back-to-lay in multi-runner markets The two-runner market is by far the simplest way of securing a green book, as bettors only have to worry about two outcomes. In a nutshell, this is the reason why the Exchange gives you the best prices. The main difference with a multi-runner race is that given the increased number of outcomes, the more you must split your potential winnings between your book, in order to cover all eventualities.

The horse is priced at 5. Example 3 You lay a horse at At odds of This is different. Laying off a bet refers to betting against something you have already backed. During the game, they take a surprise lead. The odds for Newcastle to win this game shorten.

By laying the same bet as you back, you are betting both on it to happen, and for it not to happen. Because the odds have got shorter, you are heading to a profit. This is similar to cashing out your bet earlier. Laying off your bet allows you to take reduced, but guaranteed winnings. Is Lay Betting Legal? Matched betting is legal in the United Kingdom. Just be sure to only use sites that are certified with the UK Gambling Commission. All of the sites we recommend follow the criteria. Their site is easy to navigate your way around, and it should be your first choice site for lay betting.

They also have a great sportsbook available to their customers, which involves features such as cash out, live streaming, and a great range of betting markets available to use.

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Back and lay meaning in betting what is over/under paul bettingen

How to Bet the Total: Over/Under Betting Explained

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back and lay meaning in betting what is over/under


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Back and lay meaning in betting what is over/under bettinger nicole curtis

What is a lay bet? - Lay betting explained

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