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Taleb antifragile investing 101

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taleb antifragile investing 101

The founder of Zolostays Property Solutions revealed that Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' fires him up. Nassim Taleb can teach us how to build wealth but not in the way you expect. He teaches us to learn from the ancients, be antifragile and have skin in the. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto) [Taleb, Antifragile;Nassim Nicholas Taleb;business;economics;stocks;investments;decision making. FOREX ONLINE BNR

Taleb acknowledges a contradiction in the book. He uses an exact metaphor, the Black Swan idea to argue against the "unknown, the abstract, and imprecise uncertain—white ravens, pink elephants, or evaporating denizens of a remote planet orbiting Tau Ceti. You need a story to displace a story. Metaphors and stories are far more potent alas than ideas; they are also easier to remember and more fun to read.

The author then elucidates his approach to historical analysis. He describes history as opaque, essentially a black box of cause and effect. One sees events go in and events go out, but one has no way of determining which produced what effect. Taleb argues this is due to The Triplet of Opacity an illusion of understanding in which we think we understand a complicated world.

She published her book on the web and was discovered by a small publishing company; they published her unedited work and the book became an international bestseller. The small publishing firm became a big corporation, and Krasnova became famous. But her next book fails. So, she experienced two black swans. Mediocristan environments can safely use Gaussian distribution.

They are: Mistaking absence of evidence and evidence of absence Overconfidence in using the past to predict the future Not using the barbell strategy or diversifying among potential outcomes Not understanding the Maximum Downside Exposure MDE and mitigating risk Lesson 1 — Mistaking absence of evidence for evidence of absence The first lesson is mistaking the absence of evidence for evidence of absence.

This is also referred to as the problem of induction in philosophy. However, seeing a single black swan would disprove that inference. In this case, not seeing a black swan is an absence of evidence. Furthermore, think about what new trends in the world could potentially change that moving forward. While there can be many advantages, and thus profits, to be gained from accurate models, it is crucial to not become over-reliant on these tools or fall victim to the belief that you have a crystal ball that predicts the future.

Take the example of designing cities and buildings for worst-case floods. Often, an engineer could use the or year flood levels when designing buildings and barriers. Statistically, that will suffice most of the time year flood implies a 1 in chance in any given year, or 0.

But what happens when a or year flood, although extremely rare, comes along? Similarly, what happens if climate change or other factors have modified the equation so much that the year flood happens three times in three years? The answer is that bad and unexpected things do happen, because people often miscalculate the odds based on what they have seen in the past. The Fukushima meltdown is an example of this when under-designing against the worst-case earthquakes. They are simply tools to aid you in decision making, but you should always question their validity.

So, how do you invest knowing that even the greatest models can sometimes be incorrect? Lesson 3 — Use the barbell strategy to invest In Antifragile, Taleb discusses something called the barbell portfolio strategy not to be confused with a barbell strategy that invests in bonds of varying maturity dates. Like a barbell shape, where the two plates on the ends are connected by a bar, he suggests that investing in hyper-conservative and hyper-risky assets, with nothing invested in moderate-risk investments in the middle, is the best way to mitigate unknown risk and still have exposure to maximum upside with a limited downside.

No one can know with absolute certainty what the market will do. Thus, by having a small portion of investments in hyper-aggressive assets e. This portfolio has the added benefit of that — when large crashes and market corrections do take place — the large portion of your portfolio that was in hyper-conservative assets is still safe and can now be deployed to take advantage of depressed prices.

What this means for crowdfund investing: early-stage companies can be good examples of hyper-aggressive investments in the barbell strategy. While the majority of those private companies will fail, the few companies that succeed can pay huge rewards for early investors.

Taleb antifragile investing 101 austria vs brazil betting tips

The book asserts that a "Black Swan" event depends on the observer: for example, what may be a Black Swan surprise for a turkey is not a Black Swan surprise for its butcher.

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Taleb antifragile investing 101 It's back to his "skin in the game" beliefs. With good reason perhaps — economics is not called The Investing 101 Science for nothing. I'm investing 101 not artsy. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better. Taleb uses it to illustrate the philosophical problem of induction and how past performance is no indicator of future performance. Taleb believes we must learn how to make our public and private lives anti-fragile, rather than simply less vulnerable to randomness and chaos. Just as we cannot improve health without reducing disease, or increase wealth without first decreasing losses, antifragility and fragility are degrees on a spectrum.
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