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Best forex holy grail system trading

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best forex holy grail system trading

This is your personal Forex Holy Grail trading system! Well I have said everything I wanted to say here. Thank You for your interest in my services! My trading system provides high win rate so you will really be able to win the majority of your trades with my trading software. There are many trading. There is no such thing as a holy grail in forex. Your holy grail would a system that gives you consistent profit every month. ETHEREUM MINING BUY

Make sure that the candle is pink in colour this time, and wait until it closes below the kijun-sen before placing the order. Again, you can see below that the trader waited until the candlestick was pink and below the kijun-sen before placing the sell order. This is also why the strategy is not very appropriate for short-term traders, but long-term traders will benefit a lot from this wait.

At last, never forget about risk management , most importantly the stop-loss. The kijun-sen again comes in handy and you can use the previous flat of the kijun-sen to place the stop-loss above or below the sell or buy order. As for the take profit, you can use the kijun-sen again, and make sure to maintain at least a profit-loss ratio, or simply use a trailing stop. Factors to consider when using the system Since the holy grail system works with fractals, it is usually combined with another indicator, preferably one with a high period gap.

The reason is that sometimes candlestick patterns may point to a trend reversal, but the truth was that this was only created by a test in the market. Take, for example, a bullish trend, and one of the main buyers wants to make sure the trend continues, so they stop buying for a while and see if the trend changes.

The higher period indicator will keep a trader in such a situation from falling for the fake reversal. This system is also most effective in higher timeframes; of course, anyone can still use it at any timeframe, but it is most effective at M30 and above. This might leave out those who make money by scalping , but still leaves swing traders feeling very happy. The best trading time is during the London session when all regions worldwide overlap.

What phenomena do they exhibit that might be exploited by the trader? Fat Tails within the Returns Distribution Curve — in plain language, markets tend to overreact, rising and falling excessively due to the human sentiments of greed and fear acting upon market participants. Can either of these phenomena be exploited? Looking at mean reversion first, it is possible but problematic, as stop losses may need to be very wide and profits are by definition limited.

I cannot see this as the basis for a holy grail. The overreaction of markets and their tendency to produce excessive returns on a statistical basis is the holy grail, or rather, provides the basis for a holy grail: a methodology that will make effortless profits over time. The best way this can be explained is to imagine taking a handful of salt grains and throwing them up in the air. Suppose you were then able to measure the distance of each grain of salt from the throwing point.

You would find that most of them would be relatively close to you, with a few outliers that had travelled further away. The percentages show how many grains travelled each given distance. Now suppose that you were constantly buying and selling randomly in the Forex market, and you measured and recorded the maximum possible gain of each trade over thousands of trades and thousands of days.

A greater number of excessive price events happen than would normally be produced by simple randomness. In plain language, the market offers more big winners and losers than it really should. Yes, it can be this simple, although it is not without a few potential pitfalls. These were the most volatile and trending instruments in the Forex markets during most of this period.

If a very simple trading strategy of entering upon the next bar break of any engulfing bar on the H4 chart in the direction of the engulf was followed, using a stop loss placed just the other side of the engulfing candle, the following results would have been achieved by instrument and reward to risk profit targets: Notice how a very simple, straightforward strategy that takes no account whatsoever of trend, direction and support and resistance can be made into a positive expectancy of 53 cents gain for every dollar risk, simply by not taking profit until reward has reached 50 times risk!

It would be simple to improve these results by moving stop losses to break even after a certain period of time on every trade. This is because the strongest winners usually will only retest the entry, if at all, relatively quickly. Even the Holy Grail has Pitfalls The holy grail exists, but it has to be handled with caution. You can find the grail by trading the right instruments that move with maximum volatility, i.

You do not have to be right or forecast the major moves: you just have to be there, cut your losers short, and let your winners run. The natural tendency of the market to produce fat tails will do your work for you. There are two major pitfalls that this might lead you to. The first is that you will be better served by a more intelligent exit strategy than simply aiming for a fixed reward to risk multiple. You need to be booking wins above 10 R:R, ideally towards 25 R:R or even beyond, but each trade will be different.

Look to exit around those levels but use some intelligence and discretion. Also, being prepared to move stops to break even when the trade is a certain distance or time in profit should help. This will inevitably cause very large losing streaks which will severely test both your mental strength and your money management strategy. The grail gives gold, but it is hot to touch and burns the unwary! Do you have what it takes to sit through twenty or more losing trades in a row?

Do you have a money management strategy that will properly protect you from ruin should you begin with a long losing streak? Will you be diversified and uncorrelated enough in order to keep losing streak risk to a minimum? One final danger is worth a mention. It is natural to try to filter entries. However it is very problematic to distinguish entries that are likely to reach a ratio of Furthermore, missing just one of these winners will set back your overall expectancy, unless the method used will also filter out at least 25 losing trades at the same time.

These are some questions to ponder and investigate. Spend some time back testing. The holy grail has been placed in your hands! If the most volatile instruments are traded in this style, it is possible to be nicely profitable over time without having to really make any analysis or decisions. Despite that, this path has some serious pitfalls that must be avoided intelligently.

Back to the Data We can begin by taking a look at the historical data showing how entries upon next bar breaks of H4 engulfing candles performed on the most volatile instruments from to , a three year period, depending upon the reward to risk multiples that might have been selected as targets for trade exits: This table contains two immediately useful pieces of information.

Firstly, we would have taken a total of 2, trades. Secondly, the positive expectancy per trade rises dramatically until a reward to risk ratio of is reached, after which it rises very slowly before falling off a cliff at above This data is not shown in the above table, but of those 2, trades taken, only were winners. These numbers would put a severe strain on any kind of money management strategy, as the probability of suffering enormous losing streaks would be extremely high.

It is more likely than not there was a streak of between and consecutive losing trades during that three year period. Selective Entries Our problem is that we are currently set to enter a very large number of trades, the vast majority of which will be losers.

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Every forex trader is searching for it. Some say its hidden in the desert sands of Sahara. Such a trading system like shown on this chart below would be a the forex holy grail: So if you have have the forex holy grail this is what is going to happen to you: you will be the 1 richest person in the world you will have the fattest forex trading account that can move the currency market which can result in you possible being banned from trading the forex market and if that happens, you would care because you got trillions in your bank account anyway.

If you are searching for it, you are not going to find it. It never existed and it never will.

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Holy Grail v. 1.6 Forex Indicator - 100% Non Repaint and Profitable best forex holy grail system trading

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